Mobile World Conference: Smartphone Update

The fight is heating up at the Mobile World Conference where there are thousands of people lined up to learn about the next best thing. There have been so many great new technologies announced and reviewed, but the smartphone companies are in an all-out war over who has the latest and greatest. Larger companies are announcing their newest features and have a built-in fan base looking for what comes next, but small companies are just trying to get some recognition from MWC and are hoping to spread the word about their newest devices.

Big company announcements

So far, we’ve seen a lot of announcements of the newest generation of smartphones from these companies including the LG G5 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Even Sony announced a new line of Xperia devices, according to Forbes. The biggest news at the conference hasn’t been related to smartphones at all but to Facebook’s announcement to design virtual reality systems.

The LG and Samsung fight is real. These two are probably the biggest competitors in the fight for smartphone attention. They are very similar in features and have similar audiences. Samsung may have been disappointed by the LG G5 announcement coming right before theirs, but their show could not be beat. The question is which one of these phones will win out when there’s no more flashing lights and cameras and all that is left is a harsh customer base ready to criticize any feature that isn’t what they want. Though more information about the phones will be released soon, it seems the biggest advantage for getting an LG G5 is that there is a removable battery, which fans are really excited about. When it comes to the Samsung phones, the larger battery is a big draw, but a lot of fans are disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be anything new. Of course, they are happy to see Samsung revert back to some old features such as being waterproof and having an SD slot again.

The $4 smartphone

One of the most controversial announcements at the MWC was the announcement of a $4 smartphone coming from a company in India. People aren’t sure whether this is real or not, but it seems a lot of people don’t care and are willing to try anyway given that the company’s servers were crashed immediately after the announcement due to high traffic volume. The Freedom 251 Smartphone was shown off at MWC, and people who were able to work with the phones were highly suspicious. It looked as if white-out was used to cover up another brand on the demo phones, and the home screen made it look as if they were ripped directly from Apple’s iPhone. Not only that, but it is suspected that there is no way to make the smartphone they showed for less than $53 a piece, according to CNN Money. Only time will tell whether or not this is a reality (though don’t get your hopes up). It would be nice, however, to provide an inexpensive smartphone to people throughout the world to make mobile access available to everyone regardless of financial situation.

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Making Mobile Marketing Work for You


Over 90 percent of Americans own a mobile phone, and a large majority of those own smartphones. That’s why mobile marketing is such a great way to reach your customers. You are able to reach out to and access all of your customers at their fingertips (literally). Unfortunately, not everyone knows exactly how to get started on marketing through mobile, so here are some tips to get you started.

Keep your audience in mind

Your audience is the most important thing to consider when you choose a marketing campaign. Who is going to be buying this product, and are you trying to reach out to other audiences? If so, how will the product be received by the new audience? Most companies have a pretty easy time narrowing down their target audience, but it is essential to determine where to go next. For example, you’d do heavy social media marketing and focus on how your product helps people if you were marketing to Millennials, whereas you might focus on games and fun if you are marketing towards children.

Build up trust

Building trust is essential with any group of buyers, especially considering 60 percent of buyers do research through mobile before making a purchase, according to AdWeek. It is especially easy to do research given that the internet has hundreds of reviews on every product imaginable, and social media makes it easier than ever to ask your friends if they’ve had a good or bad experience with a company. This means you have to have transparency in your product and the ability to prove that you really are selling something worthwhile. This is especially true of expensive purchases where a customer may already doubt whether or not to take a plunge and buy the product. Make sure you are building trust on the internet instead of letting it be broken down by angry consumers.

Using the right mobile paths

Another thing to consider is whether or not you are even using the right mobile marketing techniques to reach your target audience. If you are marketing to children but all you do is post on social media, you may not ever actually reach the kids. One great way to ensure you are always getting your target audience when you are marketing to mobile is through text marketing. It is a message that is always read by customers and will get to the right person at the time you want to send it. Even better, it works for those who don’t have smartphones meaning you can reach everyone that owns a mobile phone.

Multiple device compatibility

You can easily reach more consumers when you have compatibility among multiple devices. A lot of your consumers are going to be connected most of their day, which means you can reach them through their phone, their tablet, their laptop, or even their TV. To make sure you are reaching your audience as often as possible, make sure marketing tactics are compatible across all platforms and devices.

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