Follow the Latest Mobile Marketing Trends

We are seeing huge leaps and bounds in the technology industry and many changes in how customers are using that technology. This year, especially, there have been a lot of new and exciting things happening that your business needs to stay on top of for your customers. Here are the latest mobile marketing trends to follow if you want to stay ahead of the game.

Mobile videos played vertically

It is easy to watch a video, and it is an especially nice advertising tool because it draws the eyes and keeps the attention of a viewer pretty quickly and easily. Since companies have started experimenting more with vertically playing videos, there has been an 80 percent increase in the number of ads watched to completion, according to Forbes. Rather than clicking through, people are more willing to watch if they don’t have to turn their screen to see the video.

More automation

One of the big marketing trends right now is more automation in marketing, which is only possible due to huge strides in artificial intelligence technology. It is especially helpful with text marketing, a huge part of the mobile marketing industry that should be relied on heavily. You can automate when messages are sent based on your audience’s needs, and you can also automate responses to customers when they text in questions to your business. It is a really quick and efficient way of communicating with customers and is really inexpensive because you can let automation take care of responding instead of having a whole team of customer service representatives available.

More practical applications

Your customers aren’t looking for just any app and don’t want to clutter up their phone’s free space with your company’s app unless it gives them something practical. If it isn’t useful in some way, it is just a waste of space, especially given that many smartphones have limited storage space. It is important that if you do make an app for your customers to use that it is actually useful in some way, such as providing online ordering through
the app or a way to track information. Too many companies try to create apps just to have one, but if it isn’t practical for customer use, don’t waste the time or money.

Push notifications based on location

Marketing to a customer is much more effective if you are able to send them ads based on their location or preferences. The idea is that you are already out shopping and looking at your phone, then an ad shows up for half priced appetizers at a nearby restaurant, and the food looks delicious. You are much more likely to go over and try something new if you are already nearby than if you see the ad while browsing at home. The proof is in the numbers given that 84% of Millennials have already acted on push notifications before.

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Apple Rumored to Release Smaller iPhone

Smartphones hold all of our important information and are a lifeline to the rest of the world for most Americans. Phones have gotten larger and larger. There are still plenty of small options available if you are willing to work with an Android platform, but even so, they are very limited. Though there are a ton of iPhone fans out there who love their devices, there is a large audience that prefers smaller phones and may not be able to stick with Apple for much longer if smaller phone options aren’t released.

Why would someone want a smaller phone?

Because we rely so heavily on smartphones, it just makes sense the screens would get larger in order to make it easier to see everything and navigate through them. The LA Times, however, points out that there are many people who like phones that are easier to hold in small hands or can fit more easily into their pockets. About 37 percent of iPhone users are using older phones that are outdated in order to keep them smaller and easier to use. The size of preference for this group of people is about 4 inches, and Apple has noticed that they aren’t buying new ones.

Apple’s rumored announcement

Apple will be making an announcement, and if the rumors are true, this will be a low cost version of the iPhone that is back to the 4 inch size. When cell phones first came out, we were obsessed with getting them smaller. There were commercials that showed cell phones next to different small items to show just how small it was. Then, we moved to increasing size with the smartphone trying to make them bigger and bigger. On this end of the spectrum, we’d see commercials showing the phones off next to items to show how large it was. There has to be a happy medium that suits all customers.

There are a lot of people who love the iPhone but just can’t justify buying a phone that
won’t fit in their pocket easily or that they have to stretch their hand too far to be able to reach something on the other side of the screen. There are iPad minis and iPads for that kind of screen, so some customers find it unnecessary to have such a large option for their phone.

It’s all about options

Ultimately, it is about options. Every phone manufacturer needs to provide enough options for all their customers that will meet all the needs. There should be large phones for those who want them and smaller phones for those who can’t handle it being too big. There is no right answer for all. Apple, a company known for only providing one or two options of iPhone at a time may have a hard time competing if it doesn’t start offering more of these options. We will see when the announcement is made, but it would definitely be a good move for Apple.

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Could Samsung Steal Apple Users?

Everyone has been pretty excited for the Samsung Galaxy S7 to get released because it has a lot of features that Android users have been waiting to get on their phones. Apple has stayed ahead of the game with the iPhone for a long time now, and Android fans have been waiting to see it catch up. It seems that may have finally happened with the Galaxy S7, and Apple may have to make some big announcements of its own if it is going to catch up this year.

Changes for Samsung Galaxy products

Samsung was pretty smart when deciding what features to including the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge this year. They went back to what was working in previous versions of the phone and put it back in, such as the removable SD card and waterproofed phone that were missing in the S6 but had been used in the S6. Then, the company looked at what wasn’t working in the last few versions and fixed it. Performance, which was awful in the S5, is no problem at all now while the ridiculously low battery life of the S6 has been fixed with a much larger battery capable of holding a lot more life, according to Fortune.

Then, there were just features added or improved such as the Dual Pixel Sensor Technology on the camera allowing the photos to have fewer pixels but to capture more light in the image. Compared to the iPhone, this camera cannot be beat, and the pictures are nearly perfect. And then there’s the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor that allows users to keep their phone on all the time with a back light showing the time or notifications without using hardly any battery life, a feature sure to please people who are timing themselves on a project or just need to keep track of the hour. Plus, it is easier to see a new notification that has arrived when your phone is on silent or vibrate while at work or school.

Apple iPhone reveal

The Apple iPhone release for the year won’t happen for another six months or so, but it’s
got some serious competition for the year already. The real question is whether or not fans are going to be willing to switch over to another manufacturer. Stealing customers is the best way to ensure you’ve got the best phone, and there may be some people who switch this year. The problem is that people are comfortable using the current systems they are already set up on and don’t want to make the switch to another software program. For example, someone who uses iTunes heavily isn’t likely to switch to the Galaxy and start using Google Play or Amazon Prime music. Meanwhile, someone who is heavily dependent on Google may not want to risk moving that all over to the iPhone. Only time will tell if fans really think making the change will be worth it.

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Mobile Marketing Essential to Millennials

Millennials didn’t really matter to most businesses 10 years ago, but now it seems they have become the base of most company’s sales. As they are getting older, they are starting to make up a larger portion of the economy, and missing out on sales to Millennials means you might be missing out on selling to a huge audience of people who are willing to spend. Here are some things to know about them if you are going to get them to buy your products or services.

No brand loyalty

It is important to note that Millennials aren’t very loyal to any particular brand. They are willing to try new things and will pick whatever they want based on whatever is most important in their situation. Because of their lack of loyalty, there is a huge market for stealing customers, but it also means customers can easily be stolen from you. One really great way to keep Millennials loyal is through texting. You can text them with deals or updated information, and they will text you when they have questions about your company. At the very least, getting a couple of texts a month from you will reminder Millennials that you are still here and still care about them.

Mobile is boss

With a full generation of people who were raised on technology and smartphones, Millennials have no problem navigating through the internet to find exactly what they want. According to Business 2 Community, 57% of Millennials say they have no problem buying stuff on their smartphone, which means your mobile marketing needs to be very advanced if marketing towards this specific group of people. The whole process should be possible on mobile starting with marketing and advertisements to a mobile website to checking out and processing payments. Adding a PayPal option for paying is a great way for Millennials to trust you are giving them a valuable product and to make payment processing easier for them. They would rather quickly type in a PayPal password than try to spend time pulling out their credit cards and putting in the information to check out.

Not a lot of patience

One example of this is with PayPal where they are unwilling to pull out their credit cards to input information and would rather use a fast checkout system. Millennials have had the world at their fingertips for as long as they can remember and want to get in and out as quickly as possible. Your checkout process should be very streamlined and easy to navigate. One bit of confusion, and they will just go to someone else for their services. Another example is with websites. When looking for something on Google, they will only really review the first few lines of options, and they would never consider going to the 2nd page. Your search rankings (which are now being determined in part by how well your mobile website works) are essential to making sure you are found, so work hard to keep your site on top and keep everything as simple as possible.

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4 Mobile Marketing Strategy Tips

There are a variety of different ways you can reach your audience through mobile, and given that smartphones have taken over, it is a good idea to make sure mobile marketing is at the top of your list. The real question is how to reach your customers and how to make sure you are giving them what they want. Here are 4 mobile marketing strategy tips to follow as you get started or even if you are just reinventing your company’s strategy.

Audience, audience, audience

The first and most important step when determining a mobile marketing strategy is to think of who your audience is. Though it would be nice if you could sell to anyone and everyone, the truth is, there is going to be a target market that is most likely interested in your product or service. It is important to figure out who that audience is and how you can best reach them. One bad example of this would be when JC Penney decided to stop offering coupons and instead focus on just having cheaper prices. It lost a ton of sales because it forgot to factor in that their audience wanted the rush of feeling like they got a good deal through a coupon. If you are not sending mobile coupons to customers who want them, then you are missing out on a huge part of your potential market audience.

Always use SMS

Communicating through text messaging with your customer is one of the most effective ways to reach them. According to Entrepreneur, 95 percent of customers who are a part of your texting platform will open and read your text message to them within 3 minutes of it being sent. There are no other ways of communicating with your client that are going to reach your client more directly than that. We all know the biggest challenge in marketing is actually getting the information to the customer, so text messaging might be the way your company can accomplish that.

Mobile coupons

Though it may not apply in every industry, mobile coupons are a powerful way of reaching out to current customers and bringing in new ones. With so much technology out there, customers hate having to actually print off a coupon or cut it out of a magazine. They will opt to just not try a new product or service over having to physically get and use a coupon. Mobile coupons provide a bridge between the old way of doing things and the new way. Customers are still getting what they want in a more convenient way.

Mobile websites

The biggest mistake a company can make when starting a new marketing campaign is to ignore their website. Most companies assume their website is fine the way it is, and oftentimes, they don’t even check it on mobile to see what it looks like. A lot of people are doing research about which companies to use through their smartphones, so they need to be able to check out your website from mobile and see that it functions well.

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