Five Customer Service Steps to Follow


As a business, managing and training customer service reps can be very tedious, especially if you aren’t exactly sure what your customer wants. It is a bit of a shot in the dark because you never know how a customer is going to react to the way you treat them. Fortunately, though, there are five basic steps, thanks to Forbes, that you can follow during customer interactions that will always work in every business situation.

Welcome them: The first thing you should do is welcome the customer, whether that is over the phone, through a response to an email, or in person at the store. Thank them for coming and make sure your customer service knows they need to be welcoming. One example would be that representatives should smile when talking on the phone. Even if they can’t be seen, the customer can hear that they are happier in their voices.

Ask about their needs: They are calling or coming into the store for a reason. If you don’t ask, you won’t ever find out what they want and you won’t be very effective in resolving the issue. Of course, sometimes they tell you why they arrived without being asked, and in those instances, this step can be skipped.

Provide a solution: Based on their question, customer service reps need to be prepared to find a solution, whether it is something they can do on their own or if it is something they need help from management to resolve.

Listen to their wishes: As part of the solution to the problem, you need to ask them about their wishes. If you don’t ask what they want to happen, you might resolve their issue in a way they still aren’t happy with. Even after resolving the problem, listen in case they have other concerns that need to be addressed.

Goodbye and please come back: After resolving the problem, it is important that you give them a warm goodbye and ask them to come again soon. Even if you don’t follow everything strictly, you need to always start with a hello and end with a goodbye to make them feel welcome.

Not always the best way to market

The most important thing to consider in this method of customer service training is that it won’t work in every type of interaction. It is a good method to follow on social media, in emails, in phone calls, and in person. But it isn’t the best way to work when someone is texting customer service. When texting you, customers are typically hoping you to get a quick, fast answer to a question. They don’t want to sit and wait for you to go through all these steps. They simply want a quick answer. Because of this, it is a good idea to have ai chatbots available to answer questions through text. If they don’t need the human element of hellos and goodbyes, it just makes sense to let artificial intelligence answer the question instead.

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All About Google Daydream View VR


Virtual reality is the next big thing in the entertainment industry because it gives as lifelike of a gaming
experience as you can possibly get. VR can be used to watch sports games from home but feel like you are on the floor or to experience the world without having to pay thousands of dollars to travel. Because of the wide variety of things a virtual reality experience could provide, many manufacturers have started building VR headsets, the most recent of which was announced by Google: The Google Daydream View VR.

Can be used with any Android phone (eventually)

One of the advantages to the Daydream View compared with other VR headsets is the ability to use any Android device that has been made Daydream compatible instead of being forced into using a specific phone, such is the case with the Samsung Gear VR that is only compatible with Galaxy phones. Right now, of course, the Google Pixel phones are the only ones that are compatible with the Daydream headset, but the ability to use other phones in there is a huge advantage. The other nice thing is that the phone can be put in the Daydream headset very easily and possibly even with cases on. The Samsung Gear has to be placed in the headset perfectly, which means cases are often too bulky and have to be removed before playing.

A remote

One of the other cool features of Google Daydream View is that it has a remote that comes with it that acts similarly to a WII remote. It can register movement in a game or can be used as a laser pointer while in the VR to choose options. The ability to use this remote means there are a lot more options available to what a person can do.

The look

Looking at the Google Daydream, you’ll notice it is built with a fabric exterior instead of hard plastic. The idea is to make it seem like something that is more accessible and a part of everyday life instead of some bulky, plastic piece of hardware that feels a little cold and foreign. Of course, customers may have different preferences in this arena, but many are happy to have a VR headset that is more comfortable and feels more comfortable in their home.

Advertising with VR

The capabilities of smartphones are improving dramatically, and every day, it seems there are new, inventive ideas of things we can use a smartphone for. With the concept of virtual reality comes a whole new way of selling ads for your business and reaching customers in a whole new way. While text marketing will never go away as the best and quickest way to communicate with your customers, it might be time your business starts considering virtual reality marketing capabilities that will open up as VR becomes more common among your customers.

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Customer Service During the Holidays: Social Media


As the holidays near, there are going to be more opportunities to sell products and services as gifts. And while a surge in purchases is expected, you should also expect to start seeing a surge in customer service requests, whether that is through text marketing, social media, email, or even phone calls. Here are some ways to prepare for customer service during the holiday season through social media.

Customer Service Reps should be informed

A couple of years ago, Target accidentally posted a deal that let customers get a couple of pieces of jewelry for free. It was a misprint, but customers were trying to figure out if it would be honored still. Someone on their social media team responded to a customer on Facebook telling them that Target would be honoring the deal at all their stores, though the response was made without management’s approval. So, Target was stuck honoring this deal and giving away thousands of dollars of free product because of one social media customer service representative’s mistake.

So often, customers go to social media to ask questions and are given responses from customer service agents who may not really know the answer. To protect you and your customers, make sure the reps are well trained and informed on the product, so they can quickly answer questions without giving the wrong information and without offering vague responses that don’t actually answer the question.

Offer 24/7 responses

It is very valuable to offer 24/7 customer service because it means your customers can get help no matter what their situation. One really great way to do this is through AI Chatbots that can recognize a customer’s answer and respond to them no matter what the time of day, and you aren’t stuck paying for 24/7. Twitter and Facebook have both been working to add this feature to their business offerings as well. For now, you can just use text.

Respond publicly to criticism

Often, an angry customer will get on Facebook or Twitter and immediately complain about something that went wrong while working with you. It looks really bad if you just ignore this, but you can actually turn that into a positive by responding to the comment. Apologize for any wrongdoings and ask what you can do to resolve it with them? If you resolve it (or at least show you are open to resolving it) openly, then it will show future customers who are researching their options that it was resolved and they can continue to trust your business.

Be extra prepared

Because the holidays will bring in a lot of customers with high expectations of the product or service they are receiving, you will want customer service to be extra prepared. Make sure everyone is trained to answer questions about products or services, so they can respond quickly to anyone who has a question. If answers aren’t given quick enough, customers may start researching someone else and switch to another company that responds faster. And if there are problems, customers will be desperate to fix them before the holidays because they want everything to be perfect, so make sure you are quick to help with any issues that arise.

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How Small Businesses Should Focus Their Marketing



Small businesses usually don’t have a lot of extra cash to spend but still need to market to their customers. Still, it is important for every business. Mobile marketing is the best option for small businesses because it is much less expensive than other forms of marketing and it is the best way to contact customers on a regular basis. As mobile marketing is constantly changing, your business needs to stay on top of the trends and focus on the most important aspects. Here are the top mobile marketing trends small businesses should stay on top of.

Social media marketing

While you can pay to promote ads, you can actually run an entire social media campaign without spending any money. Customers already expect you to have a social media presence, so starting by just making sure your business can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Pinterest is a good start. After all the accounts have been set up, start posting to try and get followers. People on social media like to talk about themselves, so suggests starting meaningful conversations to get customers involved. Another really great way to increase your number of followers is to partner with another small business to do a giveaway where people can enter by tagging a friend in the post and liking both business’ pages. It will automatically promote your post on those customers’ pages and their friends will see and enter if they are also interested in winning some free stuff.

Text marketing

Over three quarters of the world’s smartphones are SMS-enabled, and that number is much higher in America where almost everyone owns a smartphone with texting capabilities. On top of that, customers are more likely to open a text than an email, and texts are often read within a few minutes. By texting your audience, you are able to get a hold of them quickly and easily.

One of the great parts of texting campaigns is that current technology now allows for two-way texting and AI chatbots to respond and answer questions automatically. It is something the consumer wants because they would prefer to get an answer immediately instead of having to wait for a customer service rep to get to them, and it is something your business wants because it saves a lot of time for employees if they don’t have to answer repetitive questions.

To get more customer signed up with text marketing, you should run campaigns to offer a discount upon signing up for text alerts or allow them to get rewards through texts. Also, most customers are happy to sign up when they realize they will be able to text in their questions instead of having to call customer service.

A mobile app

One thing that is becoming fairly popular for small businesses is to create an app. It is important that you figure out whether or not your business needs a mobile app before launching one. If it is unnecessary and wasteful, your customers will be annoyed that they downloaded the app and may be annoyed with your business for making them do something wasteful. However, an app that lets customers order food online, track their spending, remembers favorite orders, or even tracks orders may be useful enough to a customer that they want to download it.

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