Meeting the Customer Service Expectations of Consumers


Technology is continually improving the efficiency for people to interact both in the real world and the digital world. Someone can send a text message and get a response in the time it would take that same person to look up someone’s number and actually call them. Anyone too busy or overwhelmed to drive to a store can order food, clothes, and anything else online. A flustered web user can chat with an automated chat service to find answers to questions. The ability for people to live their everyday lives has become much easier due to improved technology. But as these aspects get better and more efficient, people expect the same easiness and efficiency in everything else, including customer service.

Innovation professor Enrique Dans says, “If you thought that customer service was simply putting a phone number on your advertisement, think again.” As companies are using technology to better meet the demands of customers, those customers are getting more demanding.

In a recent article in Forbes Magazine, Micah Soloman, president of a customer service consultancy, suggests a few ways that companies can better meet the customer service expectations of customers.

Self-Service Customer Service

Soloman suggests that companies “invest in well-designed customer-facing self-service.” The majority of companies have great employees who are available for customer service calls. Trained in professionalism and kindness, these employees work wonders in meeting the customer service demands of customers. But real customer service agents are not enough. Solomon notes that people need customer service at all times of the day, whether because of conflicting time zones or because people work through the night. By providing self-serving customer service, companies can be available to customers any hour of the day.

Self-serving customer service also benefits the modern man or woman who yields a smart device on the run. People might not have time to stop and chat while driving to work or roaming the halls. Customer service that can be provided through SMS messaging, social media messaging, and other quick means allow customers to multi-task their lives and receiving the customer service they need.

Customer Service for the Consumer

As technology better provides consumers with what they want, when they want it, and how they want it, those consumers will expect the same of customer service. They will want customer service when and how they want it. For some people, that will be a phone call to the company. For other people, that will be a text message. And for the rest, it might be an email or Facebook message. Dans encourages companies to not neglect any potential channel of communication.

Recently Twitter saw the possible frustration of only offering customer service through AI chatbot or other AI-powered means. They rolled out a new system that allows customer to recognize when they are messaging a bot and when they are messaging a real person. By giving some of the control back to the consumer, Twitter is hoping to alleviate potential stress and frustration from consumers.

There are many ways to improve customer service experiences for consumers and companies. Providing various platforms to for people to receive that customer service will help better meet the expectations of consumers.

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5 Tips for Stronger Customer Service


Sometimes, having better customer service isn’t just about having all the right tools available. It is about understanding your customers and what they want from you. And while technology does make a huge impact on your ability to reach and communicate with your customer, so does the way you approach them in phone calls and texts. Here are 5 tips to follow if you want stronger customer service.

1. Consistency

When training your customer service representatives, make sure you are encouraging consistency with the brand and the way in which you respond to customers. They will start to expect a specific feeling from your company, and the consistency will do a lot for your overall brand.

2. Personalization

Teach your customer service agents to be more personal with your customers. While holding for a few minutes, have them ask about your customer’s day and share personal information. It helps your customers feel like they are talking to a real person instead of a machine, which goes a long way to helping perk up their mood. Also teach your reps to empathize with customers and their situations.

3. Fast responses

Make sure you always respond to customer inquiries immediately. Don’t make them wait any longer than necessary. With AI Chatbot, you can respond to texts immediately and give your customers a very fast answer. It is a really great way to increase speed even for customers waiting to speak on the phone because fewer customers will feel the need to call if they know they can text.

4. Make sure their accent isn’t too strong

It doesn’t matter whether or not a customer service agent has an accent, and if they are speaking another language to customers, it won’t matter at all. However, it is very difficult for customers to get what they need when they feel like the person they are talking to can’t even understand them. If customers get too frustrated, they will walk away from your company complete.

5. Respond on social media

Don’t assume that because you have phone calls or texting available that your customers won’t be interested in communicating in other ways. Get on social media and respond to customer inquiries. Make sure you look on review sites and respond to bad reviews. Not only does it help with that particular customer, but it also encourages other customers to try your service. They expect to see bad reviews, but it is great to see a company is actually doing something about it.

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3 Marketing Tools to Not Give Up


With technology pushing us further into the future every day, you may be questioning whether or not your current marketing strategies are worth the time of day. And while it is true that new tools coming out are often more effective in reaching your customers, some of the old tools will never go out of style. Here are 3 marketing tools you shouldn’t plan to give up on anytime soon.

1. Email Marketing

With text being such a prevalent source of communication these days, it seems almost as if email is becoming less valuable. Even businesses are using more texting to communicate around the office than ever before. However, email can still be just as valuable as ever before. Here are some reasons why:

  • Mobile makes it easier than ever to stay connected to your email
  • Deals through emails affect a customer’s shopping decisions
  • Everyone still checks their email every day, even if they don’t have mobile alerts set up
  • Modern marketing requires a variety of ways to stay in touch with customers

2. Text Marketing

If you thought text marketing was ever going out of style, you were mistaken. SMS remains one of the most common and fastest forms of communication, even with all the new technology being added. Add to that the fact that companies are incorporating easy texting capabilities into smartphones and personal assistants, and you can be sure it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Just think, how easy will it be in the future for a customer to contact you via text if all they have to do is ask their personal assistant to send your business a text? They won’t even have to pick up their phone, and they can get immediate answers to their questions.

3. Billboards

While print advertising seems to be going out of style, the truth is that people still drive to work every day past a ton of billboards. With mobile-free laws being put in place, drivers have nothing better to do on their drives than look at the billboards on their way into the office and back home again. By placing a billboard in the right place, you can get a ton of coverage and really increase your number of customers.

It is also a good way to get current customers into your shop. It is a call to action reminding them you are there and you have something they want. For example, you could get customers in for lunch that day simply because they saw your billboard on their way to work and decided they wanted it for lunch.

There are even electronic billboards you can use where you can pay to have your ad shown at specific times of day or for a certain length of time. Check it out and see what is available in your area.

Diversify your marketing

Just remember, reaching your customers these days is not about putting all your eggs in one basket. No one form of marketing is going to be your saving grace. You need to diversify and use different forms of marketing if you want to have a maximum impact and reach the most customers. Whether marketing to current or new customers, being in multiple places will help make sure you are head of the competition.

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