The Versatility of SMS Messaging

SMS messaging is used by the majority of the world’s population and for good reasons. SMS messages can span different carriers. Messages can be quickly sent and received. And now with companies using AI-backed SMS message technologies, people can text companies to get immediate responses to request and inquiries. But the powers of SMS messaging do not stop there.

People can also use SMS messages to interact with other smart devices.

Texting Within a Smart Home

Smart homes and appliances now have the ability to receive and send SMS messages. One example is a smart thermostat. You can send an SMS message to your thermostat to request an increase or decrease in the set temperature. And since SMS messages do not require a wireless internet connection or an installed app, you can even control the temperature of your home from anywhere you go. Imagine that you just left on vacation and are an hour away from your house. You forgot to turn off the air conditioner so now the air conditioner will be running the entire week that you will be gone. You can text the thermostat to turn off the air conditioner.

The Potential for SMS Messaging

The potential for smart appliances and SMS messaging is expansive. Imagine being able to send a text message to set the alarm system or receive a report of what is in your fridge. Because SMS messaging is so versatile, it sets up the potential for unlimited use and growth.

Whether you need to send a text message to a friend or message a question to a company, SMS messaging is a great tool for communication. AI-backed SMS messaging services allow companies to expand their customer service and marketing tools. The versatility and potential of SMS messaging is endless.

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Customer Service Basics to Remember

Customer service can be handled through a variety of platforms. Today’s world features customer service being handled through phone calls, SMS messaging, Facebook, Twitter, messenger apps, and almost anywhere where there is some form of communication. A customer can write a review on a website, whether negative or positive, and a company can respond through a comment on the same website. Customer service is being handled on every platform, but no matter where it is taking place, it is important to remember the basics.

At All Costs, Do Not Argue

Nowadays, social media seems to be a popular outlet for people’s frustrations. People argue on and on through endless comments and posts. But if you want to have good customer service, avoid arguing. People might bring up a variety of problems about a product or service you offer. Rather than get defensive and argue about it, recognize that they have the right to their opinion and their feelings. First thank them for the opportunity you have to listen to their concerns and then offer a way to use the information. You might respond by saying, “Thank you for your comment. We are always looking to improve and we will take your concerns into consideration.” You do not have to accept responsibility for whatever someone accuses or apologize. Just be willing to listen to what they have to say without arguing. Arguing will only lead to further complaints and concerns, which is probably not the most effective approach to customer service.

Try to Keep Things Positive

Staying positive can be difficult when you are handling customer service calls and messages. Approach every phone call and message with a positive demeanor. The Small Business Chronicle suggests that no matter what happens, staying positive can help the situation; getting angry will only make things worse. “Even if the customer begins to lose their temper, your customer service associates need to maintain a professional and pleasant demeanor at all times. Do not give the angry customer a chance to point out flaws in your customer service approach.” It can be easy to get frustrated and aggressive when you are communicating with people who are angry and rude. Just remember that they are not angry at you personally. Try and be positive until the end. If it is hard to be positive, at least try and stay calm and collective. Being calm will allow you to better listen to a customer and help them understand the situation.

There is a substantial amount of advice out there already for customer service representatives. There may be certain rules and guidelines that your company requires when it comes to customer service relations. But if we can stay positive and avoid arguing, we have accomplished half the battle by not making the situation worse. So whether you are talking to someone on the phone, responding to a text message, chatting with someone through a messenger app, or replying to a post on social media or a website, remember these customer service basics.

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