2018 Marketing Predictions Worth Following

As the new year comes, so do all the predictions of what is to follow. This year, especially, there are a lot of predictions of what will come in the marketing world. Marketing is a huge part of any business, and even just to keep up with all the competitors, it is important to stay ahead. But what marketing predictions are worth taking a closer look? Here is a list of what 2018 has to offer.

Automation through business

The improvements to artificial intelligence in the last few years have grown dramatically to the point where most businesses have or should have some sort of artificial intelligence company they are working with to use the technology. It is no longer some distant future we all hoped we’d see but a reality. And in that reality, we are seeing amazing ways automation is working for businesses and marketing departments. AI Chatbot can answer questions and communicate with people through text, social media conversations, and chat. A business can have automation basically run their social media accounts and give recommendations on what content their audience most wants to see. Decision making is much easier with the help of machine learning recommendations. In 2018, businesses will make AI more important than ever.

Marketing with a purpose

While being political has been a bit taboo in the past, it is expected that many companies will begin to make more political stances. This is largely due to the Millennials and Generation Z who are more interested in purchasing from a business they believe has a purpose than just anyone. They want to do what is good, which means, in part, buying from a company they believe is doing good.

If you choose to get political, however, expect that there will be many social media battles fought over your stances on social media. It is better to simply post a stance and let it be without engaging one side or another too much, but be prepared for the high emotions that come with political opinions.

Creating a brand identity

More brands will start focusing on creating and sustaining a brand identity in 2018. While click bait may get a customer to your page for a moment, it ultimately will not win them over in the long run. It is important to start focusing on creating a brand identity that customers can associate your business with and that will develop more trust in their company.

Many businesses are using influencers to help create that identity and build trust with customers. It isn’t just a one time ad but a long-term relationship that will really save the day. While brand loyalty died out a bit with Millennials, it seems to be a major focus again and will continue to build up brands in the new year.

A focus on local

In 2018, you’ll see more businesses focusing their marketing efforts on local communities. People are interested in shopping with companies who care and companies who build up the community instead of large corporations who seem too big to care about the little guy. While online marketing is still important, there will be a shift in the new year to to focusing on local marketing again, something that has disappeared somewhat in the last few years as the Internet and Smartphones have thrived.

A return to traditional marketing

A lot of companies have abandoned mailers, billboards, and TV ads in the past few years for online marketing. And while using the internet to reach out to customers is still extremely important, we will see a shift back to more traditional marketing tactics in 2018 in order to try and balance a long-term relationship and short-term marketing goals again.

Online is still essential

No matter what your business, an online presence is essential. Many people aren’t even willing to visit or try a new business unless they can look them up and do research on the company first. In 2018, businesses will put a higher emphasis on online engagement but especially in finding ways to communicate with them through online platforms.

The biggest focus of marketing in 2018 will be on technology and online marketing, but there will be a newfound focus on local and traditional marketing methods that have been overlooked in the last few years.

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Source: marketingweek.com/2017/12/21/marketers-predictions-2018/


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How to Create a Great Chatbot

Chatbots are powerful marketing tools that utilize artificial intelligence to more effectively reach your target audience whether it’s by pushing promotions or answering customers’ questions. Contrary to popular, relief, creating a chatbot doesn’t have to be expensive and time consuming. Here are a few tips for creating a great chatbot.

Use a chatbot making platform

These platforms greatly simplify the process of creating a chatbot and they do all the heavy lifting. You don’t have to know the intricacies of programming a chatbot because the builder does that for you. Another advantage to chatbot making platforms is that they integrate seamlessly with messaging platforms like Facebook messenger and with most major payment systems.

Master one task

When it comes to chatbots, quality is far more important than quantity. It’s better to have a chatbot that can do one task very well than a chatbot that can do several things poorly. So especially if you’re new to using chatbots in your marketing strategy, focus on creating a chatbot that can perform one or two tasks very well.

Come up with a good name

Chatbots are quickly growing in popularity. As more and more businesses get into the chatbot making game, it’s important that yours isn’t lost in the shuffle. Come up with a creative name that’s easy to remember. It will make your chatbot much easier to find since your customers will remember the name and be able to find it with a quick search.

Don’t wait for customers to approach your chatbot

Since chatbots are a relatively new marketing strategy, many of your customers will be completely unfamiliar with them and how they work. Don’t wait for them to make the first move because they never will. You need to create an effective greeting message and let your chatbot introduce itself so they can have a positive interaction right off the bat.

Facilitate conversation

There’s value in getting straight to the point but chatbots are most effective when they are conversing with customers and getting valuable information out of the tiny details that customers share with them. So in your quest for clarity and conciseness, make sure your chatbot is still very conversational.

Regularly evaluate and optimize your chatbot

New chatbot features are constantly being developed. Never be satisfied with the current state of your chatbot, always be evaluating it and recognizing how it can be better. Keep in mind your marketing goals and consider ways to make your chatbot more effective at helping you achieve those goals.

Pay close attention to your competition

Study chatbots for companies that offer a similar product or service. Pay attention to things you like and especially pay attention to mistakes it makes so you can be sure to avoid them and make your own company stand out.

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Source: entrepreneur.com/article/293320

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5 Tips for Stronger Customer Service


Sometimes, having better customer service isn’t just about having all the right tools available. It is about understanding your customers and what they want from you. And while technology does make a huge impact on your ability to reach and communicate with your customer, so does the way you approach them in phone calls and texts. Here are 5 tips to follow if you want stronger customer service.

1. Consistency

When training your customer service representatives, make sure you are encouraging consistency with the brand and the way in which you respond to customers. They will start to expect a specific feeling from your company, and the consistency will do a lot for your overall brand.

2. Personalization

Teach your customer service agents to be more personal with your customers. While holding for a few minutes, have them ask about your customer’s day and share personal information. It helps your customers feel like they are talking to a real person instead of a machine, which goes a long way to helping perk up their mood. Also teach your reps to empathize with customers and their situations.

3. Fast responses

Make sure you always respond to customer inquiries immediately. Don’t make them wait any longer than necessary. With AI Chatbot, you can respond to texts immediately and give your customers a very fast answer. It is a really great way to increase speed even for customers waiting to speak on the phone because fewer customers will feel the need to call if they know they can text.

4. Make sure their accent isn’t too strong

It doesn’t matter whether or not a customer service agent has an accent, and if they are speaking another language to customers, it won’t matter at all. However, it is very difficult for customers to get what they need when they feel like the person they are talking to can’t even understand them. If customers get too frustrated, they will walk away from your company complete.

5. Respond on social media

Don’t assume that because you have phone calls or texting available that your customers won’t be interested in communicating in other ways. Get on social media and respond to customer inquiries. Make sure you look on review sites and respond to bad reviews. Not only does it help with that particular customer, but it also encourages other customers to try your service. They expect to see bad reviews, but it is great to see a company is actually doing something about it.

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Source: business2community.com/social-business/social-customer-service-changing-face-business-01775978

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Three Ways to Improve Your Quality of Customer Service


Having the best customer service is what will set you apart from the competition and make your customers feel more welcomed to your business. At the end of the day, there may be a bunch of other companies that offer the same products as you, but if they don’t offer the same quality level of service, then you will be able to steal their customers and retain the ones you already have. Here are three ways to improve your quality of customer service.

1. Choose employees with a desire to serve

One of the first and most important things you can do is pick employees who genuinely want to serve.
According to the Clarion Ledger, you can teach many qualities to your customer service representatives, but getting ones that already want to serve and want to help people may be a personality trait you want to look for in new hires. Of course, you’ll also want to teach them the skills they need to succeed, such as patience, time management, and attentiveness with the customer. However, someone who wants to help others will end up being much more successful than other employees, even if they’ve all been given the same tools.

2. Provide the right technology solutions

Customer service reps spend a lot of time wasted just trying to find the right customer information or attempt to figure out what exactly the customer is struggling with. And then this information is often repeated if the call has to be transferred to another department. With the right technology available to them, your customer service team will be much more efficient and will keep your customers much happier by the end of the interaction.

3. Allow for Chatbot for customers who don’t want to call

Not everyone wants to call your customer service team to get the answers to their questions. And in this day and age, it is possible to simply chat with an AI Chatbot instead of speaking with a live person. It is an option many people are more comfortable using, and it might be just what your business is missing in the customer service department. Make chatbots available, and you’ll be positioned very well.

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Source: clarionledger.com/story/business/2016/12/17/communication-and-customer-service-go-hand-hand/95399716/

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Text Marketing: A Tool for Millennials


Selling a product to a Millennial is tough. They want the best product for the best price, and they don’t care if you’ve been selling them the same product for 10 years. They will switch to another company in a heartbeat if you disappoint them. Even if you didn’t do anything wrong, they will leave for another company if it seems appealing to them. As a business, this is a double edged sword. You can steal other business easier than ever before but you may also lose your customers quickly. Text marketing is really the best way to get and maintain your Millennial customers and here’s why.

Reminder through text

Though Millennials are on social media all day long, they still prefer text communications with businesses over tweets, according to Biz Report. They are basically guaranteed to see your text within a couple of minutes whereas your tweet or Facebook post is going to be buried in with all the other businesses and friends they follow on social media. Even if they don’t want to use the particular promotion you are sending them through text, they are going to be reminded that your business exists and that they appreciate it every time you send them a message.

AI Chatbot capabilities

One thing that is remarkable about text marketing is that you can now use AI Chatbot to communicate with your customers without ever having anyone in the office. This is very valuable to Millennials who don’t want to have to make phone calls at all. It feels like a huge burden to them even if, in reality, it isn’t that much harder than sending a quick text. Still, they prefer to be able to ask questions through text and get an immediate answer, something only Chatbot can provide. It is also very valuable to them to be able to text anytime they want. They don’t like being bothered with customer service hours. If they are up in the middle of the night and want to text your business, they expect you to be available. Chatbot means you can offer 24/7 customer service without having to keep someone on staff all the time.

On their own time

The biggest reason why Millennials prefer texting over other forms of communication is because it allows them to text someone on their own time. This is a busy world, and nobody knows how to keep themselves busier than Millennials. They want to be able to text you when they think of it but while at dinner with a friend and not fully commit to having a whole conversation right then. Then, they’ll check for the answer again when they have another minute later. Nobody wants to set aside time to sit on the phone, especially when you don’t know how long it is going to take to get an answer. Instead, you can text a business and get an immediate answer. That is much more appealing to Millennials who like to keep themselves busy.

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Source: bizreport.com/2016/11/4-ways-brands-can-improve-sms-strategy.html

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Five Customer Service Steps to Follow


As a business, managing and training customer service reps can be very tedious, especially if you aren’t exactly sure what your customer wants. It is a bit of a shot in the dark because you never know how a customer is going to react to the way you treat them. Fortunately, though, there are five basic steps, thanks to Forbes, that you can follow during customer interactions that will always work in every business situation.

Welcome them: The first thing you should do is welcome the customer, whether that is over the phone, through a response to an email, or in person at the store. Thank them for coming and make sure your customer service knows they need to be welcoming. One example would be that representatives should smile when talking on the phone. Even if they can’t be seen, the customer can hear that they are happier in their voices.

Ask about their needs: They are calling or coming into the store for a reason. If you don’t ask, you won’t ever find out what they want and you won’t be very effective in resolving the issue. Of course, sometimes they tell you why they arrived without being asked, and in those instances, this step can be skipped.

Provide a solution: Based on their question, customer service reps need to be prepared to find a solution, whether it is something they can do on their own or if it is something they need help from management to resolve.

Listen to their wishes: As part of the solution to the problem, you need to ask them about their wishes. If you don’t ask what they want to happen, you might resolve their issue in a way they still aren’t happy with. Even after resolving the problem, listen in case they have other concerns that need to be addressed.

Goodbye and please come back: After resolving the problem, it is important that you give them a warm goodbye and ask them to come again soon. Even if you don’t follow everything strictly, you need to always start with a hello and end with a goodbye to make them feel welcome.

Not always the best way to market

The most important thing to consider in this method of customer service training is that it won’t work in every type of interaction. It is a good method to follow on social media, in emails, in phone calls, and in person. But it isn’t the best way to work when someone is texting customer service. When texting you, customers are typically hoping you to get a quick, fast answer to a question. They don’t want to sit and wait for you to go through all these steps. They simply want a quick answer. Because of this, it is a good idea to have ai chatbots available to answer questions through text. If they don’t need the human element of hellos and goodbyes, it just makes sense to let artificial intelligence answer the question instead.

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Source: forbes.com/sites/carminegallo/2016/11/26/small-business-the-best-and-free-customer-service-strategy-youre-not-using/2/#19c9464d4964

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