4 Ways Machines Improve Customer Service

Every business spends time contemplating how they can improve customer service. It is an essential part of selling your product. This is especially true in a world where one upset customer can spend 15 minutes on their social media account thrashing your company, meaning you’ll lose their business as well as their friends and anyone else who may end up seeing the post. And while working with a person is still necessary in many situations when someone seeks out customer service, there have been extremely positive results from changing to a machine. With machine learning and artificial intelligence startups taking charge, machines are becoming quicker and more efficient for communication with customers. Here are 4 ways a machine can improve customer service at your company.

1. Automate repetitive tasks

The first way a machine can improve your customer service experience is by automating tasks that are necessary but don’t need an actual human to do them. For example, banks have machines that count out the money for them, so they don’t have to waste time doing that, and many pharmacies are beginning to install machines that dispense the most common prescriptions they have quickly and easily to customers. These types of machines will help improve the customer experience by decreasing the amount of time an interaction takes and by allowing the actual employees to focus more on the customer’s individual needs instead of wasting time counting pills or money.

2. Customers communicate on their own time

With the right artificial intelligence in place, you can allow customers to contact your business at any time and through any means while still getting an immediate response. An artificial intelligence platform would allow a computer to receive questions from a customer, recognize what the person is asking, and then formulate a response either asking for clarification or just answering the customer question. And while there are times a person may still prefer to speak to a representative directly, having an offline system is still extremely valuable to letting customers reach out on their own time and schedule.

3. Reduce wait times

One common complaint that customer service departments deal with on a regular basis is about the wait times. Either they had to wait to long to teach a customer service agent or it took too long for that agent to get an answer. As a business, reducing wait times often just means increasing the number of support positions, but that isn’t always realistic for a specific budget and doesn’t actually reduce the time a customer must wait in many cases. Machines, however, can help drastically improve the amount of time a customer has to wait for help. For example, T-Mobile has a service where a customer can put their name on a list to get called back later instead of having to wait on the phone for the next representative. The machine can also communicate with more customers to resolve problems using AI making it easier for real agents to focus on bigger issues that need more human and complex resolutions.

4. Increase accuracy

Another way machines are helping with customer service issues is that they are creating more accuracy. Human error is one of the biggest reasons customer service agents receive calls and texts from customers with questions about their experience with your company. However, if things are done correctly in the first place, there’s less likely to be an error. For example, a machine will copy the address a customer gives and post it directly onto a shipping label to ensure an accurate shipment. However, a human copying it over might mistakenly put one of the wrong numbers or even the wrong address in some cases. By reducing human error and increasing accuracy through machines, you are taking preventative steps to ensure your customers are happy in the beginning. The best customer service is preventative.

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Customer Service Basics to Remember

Customer service can be handled through a variety of platforms. Today’s world features customer service being handled through phone calls, SMS messaging, Facebook, Twitter, messenger apps, and almost anywhere where there is some form of communication. A customer can write a review on a website, whether negative or positive, and a company can respond through a comment on the same website. Customer service is being handled on every platform, but no matter where it is taking place, it is important to remember the basics.

At All Costs, Do Not Argue

Nowadays, social media seems to be a popular outlet for people’s frustrations. People argue on and on through endless comments and posts. But if you want to have good customer service, avoid arguing. People might bring up a variety of problems about a product or service you offer. Rather than get defensive and argue about it, recognize that they have the right to their opinion and their feelings. First thank them for the opportunity you have to listen to their concerns and then offer a way to use the information. You might respond by saying, “Thank you for your comment. We are always looking to improve and we will take your concerns into consideration.” You do not have to accept responsibility for whatever someone accuses or apologize. Just be willing to listen to what they have to say without arguing. Arguing will only lead to further complaints and concerns, which is probably not the most effective approach to customer service.

Try to Keep Things Positive

Staying positive can be difficult when you are handling customer service calls and messages. Approach every phone call and message with a positive demeanor. The Small Business Chronicle suggests that no matter what happens, staying positive can help the situation; getting angry will only make things worse. “Even if the customer begins to lose their temper, your customer service associates need to maintain a professional and pleasant demeanor at all times. Do not give the angry customer a chance to point out flaws in your customer service approach.” It can be easy to get frustrated and aggressive when you are communicating with people who are angry and rude. Just remember that they are not angry at you personally. Try and be positive until the end. If it is hard to be positive, at least try and stay calm and collective. Being calm will allow you to better listen to a customer and help them understand the situation.

There is a substantial amount of advice out there already for customer service representatives. There may be certain rules and guidelines that your company requires when it comes to customer service relations. But if we can stay positive and avoid arguing, we have accomplished half the battle by not making the situation worse. So whether you are talking to someone on the phone, responding to a text message, chatting with someone through a messenger app, or replying to a post on social media or a website, remember these customer service basics.

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Meeting the Customer Service Expectations of Consumers


Technology is continually improving the efficiency for people to interact both in the real world and the digital world. Someone can send a text message and get a response in the time it would take that same person to look up someone’s number and actually call them. Anyone too busy or overwhelmed to drive to a store can order food, clothes, and anything else online. A flustered web user can chat with an automated chat service to find answers to questions. The ability for people to live their everyday lives has become much easier due to improved technology. But as these aspects get better and more efficient, people expect the same easiness and efficiency in everything else, including customer service.

Innovation professor Enrique Dans says, “If you thought that customer service was simply putting a phone number on your advertisement, think again.” As companies are using technology to better meet the demands of customers, those customers are getting more demanding.

In a recent article in Forbes Magazine, Micah Soloman, president of a customer service consultancy, suggests a few ways that companies can better meet the customer service expectations of customers.

Self-Service Customer Service

Soloman suggests that companies “invest in well-designed customer-facing self-service.” The majority of companies have great employees who are available for customer service calls. Trained in professionalism and kindness, these employees work wonders in meeting the customer service demands of customers. But real customer service agents are not enough. Solomon notes that people need customer service at all times of the day, whether because of conflicting time zones or because people work through the night. By providing self-serving customer service, companies can be available to customers any hour of the day.

Self-serving customer service also benefits the modern man or woman who yields a smart device on the run. People might not have time to stop and chat while driving to work or roaming the halls. Customer service that can be provided through SMS messaging, social media messaging, and other quick means allow customers to multi-task their lives and receiving the customer service they need.

Customer Service for the Consumer

As technology better provides consumers with what they want, when they want it, and how they want it, those consumers will expect the same of customer service. They will want customer service when and how they want it. For some people, that will be a phone call to the company. For other people, that will be a text message. And for the rest, it might be an email or Facebook message. Dans encourages companies to not neglect any potential channel of communication.

Recently Twitter saw the possible frustration of only offering customer service through AI chatbot or other AI-powered means. They rolled out a new system that allows customer to recognize when they are messaging a bot and when they are messaging a real person. By giving some of the control back to the consumer, Twitter is hoping to alleviate potential stress and frustration from consumers.

There are many ways to improve customer service experiences for consumers and companies. Providing various platforms to for people to receive that customer service will help better meet the expectations of consumers.

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5 Tips for Stronger Customer Service


Sometimes, having better customer service isn’t just about having all the right tools available. It is about understanding your customers and what they want from you. And while technology does make a huge impact on your ability to reach and communicate with your customer, so does the way you approach them in phone calls and texts. Here are 5 tips to follow if you want stronger customer service.

1. Consistency

When training your customer service representatives, make sure you are encouraging consistency with the brand and the way in which you respond to customers. They will start to expect a specific feeling from your company, and the consistency will do a lot for your overall brand.

2. Personalization

Teach your customer service agents to be more personal with your customers. While holding for a few minutes, have them ask about your customer’s day and share personal information. It helps your customers feel like they are talking to a real person instead of a machine, which goes a long way to helping perk up their mood. Also teach your reps to empathize with customers and their situations.

3. Fast responses

Make sure you always respond to customer inquiries immediately. Don’t make them wait any longer than necessary. With AI Chatbot, you can respond to texts immediately and give your customers a very fast answer. It is a really great way to increase speed even for customers waiting to speak on the phone because fewer customers will feel the need to call if they know they can text.

4. Make sure their accent isn’t too strong

It doesn’t matter whether or not a customer service agent has an accent, and if they are speaking another language to customers, it won’t matter at all. However, it is very difficult for customers to get what they need when they feel like the person they are talking to can’t even understand them. If customers get too frustrated, they will walk away from your company complete.

5. Respond on social media

Don’t assume that because you have phone calls or texting available that your customers won’t be interested in communicating in other ways. Get on social media and respond to customer inquiries. Make sure you look on review sites and respond to bad reviews. Not only does it help with that particular customer, but it also encourages other customers to try your service. They expect to see bad reviews, but it is great to see a company is actually doing something about it.

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Online and Self Service: The New Customer Experience


Anyone who has been to the store over this holiday season may have noticed store traffic has been decreasing drastically. It was especially apparent to me on Black Friday as I walked around the stores and realized people just don’t like to go to the store anymore when they can shop from home in their PJs while watching football. They don’t want to deal with lines and people unless absolutely necessary, which is something your business needs to consider. The future of your customer’s experience is online and with self-service. Not only that, but they expect your business to run as smoothly and efficiently in stores as they do online and through self service options. Here are some of the things you can do to achieve this new customer experience.

Speedy devils

One thing you will notice is that people like purchasing online because they have infinite amounts of time to decide whether or not they want an item (or which one they really want), but once they decide to make the purchase, they can do it in seconds. It truly is a very quick and efficient way to do business. While in the store, customers want to experience the same kind of speed. Make sure interactions are quick and efficient, so customers can get what they want as quickly as possible. But don’t make them feel rushed to get through the store either.

One way to do this is to give tablets to all employees that they can use to search for any information they don’t know off hand and can checkout the customer whenever they are ready to go. It is a concept Though you definitely want registers available still, having your employees around the store capable will help increase speed and efficiency of conversations and transactions. Also, allowing for two-way text marketing will let your customers communicate with you in whatever way they feel most comfortable.

Personalized accounts

Your customer needs to have a personalized account with your business. Whether they do their business all online or in person, they should be able to easily transfer it over to the other option and still have all their preferences and histories available to them. This can be done with a loyalty card, or even just a phone number that keeps all the information tied together.

Whatever you decide to do, make it so your customers are able to have an amazing experience regardless of whether they choose to shop in stores or online.

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Source: forbes.com/sites/micahsolomon/2016/12/21/theyre-not-making-customers-like-they-used-to-how-customer-service-expectations-have-changed/#797caa7ae7ba

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Three Ways to Improve Your Quality of Customer Service


Having the best customer service is what will set you apart from the competition and make your customers feel more welcomed to your business. At the end of the day, there may be a bunch of other companies that offer the same products as you, but if they don’t offer the same quality level of service, then you will be able to steal their customers and retain the ones you already have. Here are three ways to improve your quality of customer service.

1. Choose employees with a desire to serve

One of the first and most important things you can do is pick employees who genuinely want to serve.
According to the Clarion Ledger, you can teach many qualities to your customer service representatives, but getting ones that already want to serve and want to help people may be a personality trait you want to look for in new hires. Of course, you’ll also want to teach them the skills they need to succeed, such as patience, time management, and attentiveness with the customer. However, someone who wants to help others will end up being much more successful than other employees, even if they’ve all been given the same tools.

2. Provide the right technology solutions

Customer service reps spend a lot of time wasted just trying to find the right customer information or attempt to figure out what exactly the customer is struggling with. And then this information is often repeated if the call has to be transferred to another department. With the right technology available to them, your customer service team will be much more efficient and will keep your customers much happier by the end of the interaction.

3. Allow for Chatbot for customers who don’t want to call

Not everyone wants to call your customer service team to get the answers to their questions. And in this day and age, it is possible to simply chat with an AI Chatbot instead of speaking with a live person. It is an option many people are more comfortable using, and it might be just what your business is missing in the customer service department. Make chatbots available, and you’ll be positioned very well.

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Source: clarionledger.com/story/business/2016/12/17/communication-and-customer-service-go-hand-hand/95399716/

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Three Pillars of Business Success


Every business wants to know how to succeed, and in a sense, it is still the same today as it was fifty years ago. Though, with technology in place, the emphasis has changed and things have become much more intense. Most businesses are only able to really focus on two of the pillars, which means your business can be ahead of the competition by simply focusing to ensure success in all three areas. Here are the three pillars and how your business should work to improve them.

Quality of product

This is very important. You need to have a great product that people are actually interested in getting. Even if you already have a great product, there’s always room for improvement and updating the options available to your customers, so they are always getting the best. Always look for ways to improve or add to give your customers what they really want.

Product or service price

It is important that you have a competitive price, especially with the internet making it much harder with a lot more competition. You could sell the best blankets in the world, and customers won’t buy it if it costs $500. It is especially important with Millennials and Generation Z, all who know how to easily access the Internet to find someone else who sells the same thing at a lower price. Though quality is still important to them, price makes a huge impact on whether or not they are going to even try it.

Customer Service

Probably the most important pillar now is customer service. It used to be that price and quality were more important because you were limited to buying local or only at the stores located close to you, but now, customers have the ability to shop all over the world, and with communication through smartphones and social media becoming so popular and easy to use, customer service has become much more important. You need to put a much bigger emphasis on programs that allow for easy customer service interactions, including two-way text marketing. Reaching your customers has never been easier, and you should do everything you can to provide amazing customer service.

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