How to Choose the Right Marketing Opportunities

The internet is a wonderful thing because it allows companies, large and small, to reach their full audience. There are no limits to the number of people you can reach with your marketing. The problem, however, is that the internet is also so loud and full of information, sometimes it can be hard to get your message through at all let alone to the right person. That’s why it is so important that you figure out your audience.

One problem many businesses have is that they spread themselves too thin trying to use all the marketing opportunities available to them. A better approach would be to determine who your audience is and where you can find them. For example, current young adults tend to spend a lot of time on SnapChat and Instagram and are heavily influenced by Influencers. Paying a social media Influencer to promote your product on one of those platforms is going to be more effective than an ad on Facebook. By targeting your audience, you can better determine what marketing opportunities are worth your time and which ones are a waste of money.

Always use text marketing

One way to ensure you reach your audience directly is through text marketing. Your customers sign up to receive messaging from you, which means you can be sure they are your audience and want to get marketing messages from your business. Also, the average person opens a text within the first few minutes it has arrived, so your direct audience will get see your text immediately. It is the fastest, most efficient way of marketing to your current customer base.

It is also really nice to allow them to be able to communicate with you through text whenever they have questions or concerns they need quickly addressed. The only real problem is that this form of marketing only works for your current customer base. And while staying current with your regular customers is essential, you need to do other things to try and pick up new customers.

Choose up to three types of social media

Social media is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to pick up new customers. All of your customers are going to be on social media. The real question is which platforms your audience is using. Once you’ve figured out where your customers are, you can put a lot of effort into that particular platform. Many businesses try and get on every social media site out there to try and reach everyone. Not only can this be very expensive and time consuming, it likely won’t yield the results you want. Your company needs to pick up to three platforms to focus on, and make sure to keep up with them. You’ll need to place ads on that platform, run contests, post content, and most importantly, use it to provide additional customer service support.

The other thing to consider when working on social media is whether or not to work with influencers. For the younger Millennials and Generation Z, influencers are very influential. However, it is important that the marketing matches the influencer using it and is fluid with their personality. The younger generation can quickly spot a fake ad and are more likely to be turned off to the product than on if it doesn’t seem to fit quite right. The other thing to consider is that older generations tend to be more influenced by iconic, big stars such as Brad Pitt while the younger generation, on the other hand, is more likely to be influenced by influencers that have a much smaller following but are targeted more towards their personal interests. For example, if you are selling vegan products, you’d want to find some influencers in the Vegan industry that are popular as opposed to trying to get Jessica Alba to advertise it for you.

Other forms of marketing

Ultimately, social media marketing and text marketing are your two most influential forms of marketing to current and new customers. However, there are other forms of marketing such as print marketing, email marketing, and even video ads that should be considered. Make sure you carefully consider where your audience is spending their time and focus on a few of those main areas instead of trying to do everything. The quality of marketing will go down with the more you spread yourself thin, and customers will notice.

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5 Tips for Social Media Marketing Success

Using social media as part of your marketing strategy is no longer optional. We are at the point where customers will choose not to use your company if they can’t find you on social media pages. But just having an account open is not enough. By interacting with your customers on a regular basis, you can build relationships and ensure they remain a customer. It is also a good way to get new customers you may have never reached before. Here are 5 ways you can use social media marketing.

1. Keep everything connected

There are many different platforms for marketing to your customers that you should be using. Text marketing, email marketing, print marketing, online marketing, and social media marketing are all useful in some capacity. But having so many different platforms for reaching customers can  be confusing and may not flow together very well. Your business needs to make sure that all forms of marketing are still branded to your company and are interconnected. For example, a text marketing message could direct a customer to your website or even to your social media contest. By staying connected, you are able to reach everyone and allow your customers to reach you in whatever way they feel is easiest.

2. Get customers to generate content

Really, the best way to get new customers through social media is if you can get your customers to generate content on their personal pages. If someone else is willing to promote your business, you’ll find much more success. Of course, the best way to encourage this is to offer the best and most exciting products or service out there, but most of the time, even if the customer likes what you have to offer, they still won’t promote it on their own. You can instead run competitions where customers are expected to post something specific on their page to win. For example, a baby product company could do a cute baby contest where people have to get their friends to like their picture in order to win some free gear. This is a little more work than simply sharing content, but it also has a bigger payoff because customers will actually talk to their friends about it and about your company.

3. Don’t be afraid to use influencers

Getting an influencer to promote your brand on social media can really help bring in new customers and remind current ones of how great you are. It doesn’t have to be super famous people either. Influencers that your audience follows that have a few thousand followers may still be worth your time. Just make sure promoting your product would be natural for the influencer. If it isn’t already in their personality, their followers won’t believe it is a real promotion.

4. Ask closed ended questions

A closed ended question is a type of question that can be answered with a yes or a no. When interacting with your customers, asking an open ended question is much less likely to get a response because it requires more thought and participation from the user. However, when a user knows all they have to do is answer yes or no, they are more likely to start interacting with other customers and your business on the thread.

5. Run promotions

Another good way to reward current customers for following you while also helping build your customer base is to run promotions and giveaways through your social media pages. You can require that they share your posts. Even liking or commenting on your posts will often show up in their friends’ feeds. Another great way to get new customers is to partner up with another company and run a giveaway requiring them to like both of your social media pages in order to enter. All of these things will help you boost your customer base and increase the number of customers  following your social media pages.

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5 Techniques for Nonprofit Marketing

A nonprofit company has to advertise to consumers just as much as a for-profit one. It is especially important if you are trying to further an important cause. But most nonprofits don’t have a lot of extra money sitting around to pay for different marketing strategies, so you want to know that what you are doing will be successful before doing it. Here are 5 techniques your nonprofit business can use in marketing.

1. Text Marketing is King

One of the best things you can do for your nonprofit is use text marketing. Text messages have a 98% read rate, which means you’ll be able to reach your audience effectively and make sure your message is read. On top of that, it is a green way of communicating with people since you don’t have to use any paper to do it. You can even use text marketing for fundraising by allowing people to donate to your cause by sending a text with the amount they wish to donate.

Your nonprofit can use AI Chatbot to communicate with customers through text as well, and this will help open the channels of communication and answer all donor questions efficiently.

2. Word of mouth advertising

Given that word of mouth advertising is one of the best ways to reach new people with your cause, you should do everything you can to encourage it. Make sure you are clear about the purpose and mission of your nonprofit, so people know what they are getting and why it is so important to support. People are much more likely to sympathize with your cause and donate if they understand exactly what your cause is.

3. Use social media platforms

Since many nonprofits are asking for donations rather than selling a good or service, your ultimate goal is to reach new people instead of going back to the same people for donations over and over. And while yes, you hope to have repeat donors, you should be focusing on finding new people as well. Social media is great for that. You can urge your current users to share with their friends, and you can run ads through social media sites to hopefully reach more concerned people who would be interested in helping out.

4. Mobile optimization

Another thing to consider is that many people who are just learning about your nonprofit and what you are all about will find you while surfing the web on their phones. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile. And ensure that your payment processing can be done just as fast and easy through mobile as it can through a computer.

5. Streamline donation process

Many people donate to nonprofits on a whim and in the moment. That means you can lose them rather quickly, so getting a donation out of them immediately is the goal. You should allow for multiple payment platforms to be used to accept donations including PayPal. Some people prefer to get their wallet and enter their information, but many people prefer the security they get by using a 3rd party site such as PayPal. It also is easier to get the immediate donation if the consumer is able to pay without having to get up to get their wallet.

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The Versatility of SMS Messaging

SMS messaging is used by the majority of the world’s population and for good reasons. SMS messages can span different carriers. Messages can be quickly sent and received. And now with companies using AI-backed SMS message technologies, people can text companies to get immediate responses to request and inquiries. But the powers of SMS messaging do not stop there.

People can also use SMS messages to interact with other smart devices.

Texting Within a Smart Home

Smart homes and appliances now have the ability to receive and send SMS messages. One example is a smart thermostat. You can send an SMS message to your thermostat to request an increase or decrease in the set temperature. And since SMS messages do not require a wireless internet connection or an installed app, you can even control the temperature of your home from anywhere you go. Imagine that you just left on vacation and are an hour away from your house. You forgot to turn off the air conditioner so now the air conditioner will be running the entire week that you will be gone. You can text the thermostat to turn off the air conditioner.

The Potential for SMS Messaging

The potential for smart appliances and SMS messaging is expansive. Imagine being able to send a text message to set the alarm system or receive a report of what is in your fridge. Because SMS messaging is so versatile, it sets up the potential for unlimited use and growth.

Whether you need to send a text message to a friend or message a question to a company, SMS messaging is a great tool for communication. AI-backed SMS messaging services allow companies to expand their customer service and marketing tools. The versatility and potential of SMS messaging is endless.

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3 Marketing Tools to Not Give Up


With technology pushing us further into the future every day, you may be questioning whether or not your current marketing strategies are worth the time of day. And while it is true that new tools coming out are often more effective in reaching your customers, some of the old tools will never go out of style. Here are 3 marketing tools you shouldn’t plan to give up on anytime soon.

1. Email Marketing

With text being such a prevalent source of communication these days, it seems almost as if email is becoming less valuable. Even businesses are using more texting to communicate around the office than ever before. However, email can still be just as valuable as ever before. Here are some reasons why:

  • Mobile makes it easier than ever to stay connected to your email
  • Deals through emails affect a customer’s shopping decisions
  • Everyone still checks their email every day, even if they don’t have mobile alerts set up
  • Modern marketing requires a variety of ways to stay in touch with customers

2. Text Marketing

If you thought text marketing was ever going out of style, you were mistaken. SMS remains one of the most common and fastest forms of communication, even with all the new technology being added. Add to that the fact that companies are incorporating easy texting capabilities into smartphones and personal assistants, and you can be sure it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Just think, how easy will it be in the future for a customer to contact you via text if all they have to do is ask their personal assistant to send your business a text? They won’t even have to pick up their phone, and they can get immediate answers to their questions.

3. Billboards

While print advertising seems to be going out of style, the truth is that people still drive to work every day past a ton of billboards. With mobile-free laws being put in place, drivers have nothing better to do on their drives than look at the billboards on their way into the office and back home again. By placing a billboard in the right place, you can get a ton of coverage and really increase your number of customers.

It is also a good way to get current customers into your shop. It is a call to action reminding them you are there and you have something they want. For example, you could get customers in for lunch that day simply because they saw your billboard on their way to work and decided they wanted it for lunch.

There are even electronic billboards you can use where you can pay to have your ad shown at specific times of day or for a certain length of time. Check it out and see what is available in your area.

Diversify your marketing

Just remember, reaching your customers these days is not about putting all your eggs in one basket. No one form of marketing is going to be your saving grace. You need to diversify and use different forms of marketing if you want to have a maximum impact and reach the most customers. Whether marketing to current or new customers, being in multiple places will help make sure you are head of the competition.

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Online and Self Service: The New Customer Experience


Anyone who has been to the store over this holiday season may have noticed store traffic has been decreasing drastically. It was especially apparent to me on Black Friday as I walked around the stores and realized people just don’t like to go to the store anymore when they can shop from home in their PJs while watching football. They don’t want to deal with lines and people unless absolutely necessary, which is something your business needs to consider. The future of your customer’s experience is online and with self-service. Not only that, but they expect your business to run as smoothly and efficiently in stores as they do online and through self service options. Here are some of the things you can do to achieve this new customer experience.

Speedy devils

One thing you will notice is that people like purchasing online because they have infinite amounts of time to decide whether or not they want an item (or which one they really want), but once they decide to make the purchase, they can do it in seconds. It truly is a very quick and efficient way to do business. While in the store, customers want to experience the same kind of speed. Make sure interactions are quick and efficient, so customers can get what they want as quickly as possible. But don’t make them feel rushed to get through the store either.

One way to do this is to give tablets to all employees that they can use to search for any information they don’t know off hand and can checkout the customer whenever they are ready to go. It is a concept Though you definitely want registers available still, having your employees around the store capable will help increase speed and efficiency of conversations and transactions. Also, allowing for two-way text marketing will let your customers communicate with you in whatever way they feel most comfortable.

Personalized accounts

Your customer needs to have a personalized account with your business. Whether they do their business all online or in person, they should be able to easily transfer it over to the other option and still have all their preferences and histories available to them. This can be done with a loyalty card, or even just a phone number that keeps all the information tied together.

Whatever you decide to do, make it so your customers are able to have an amazing experience regardless of whether they choose to shop in stores or online.

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Three Pillars of Business Success


Every business wants to know how to succeed, and in a sense, it is still the same today as it was fifty years ago. Though, with technology in place, the emphasis has changed and things have become much more intense. Most businesses are only able to really focus on two of the pillars, which means your business can be ahead of the competition by simply focusing to ensure success in all three areas. Here are the three pillars and how your business should work to improve them.

Quality of product

This is very important. You need to have a great product that people are actually interested in getting. Even if you already have a great product, there’s always room for improvement and updating the options available to your customers, so they are always getting the best. Always look for ways to improve or add to give your customers what they really want.

Product or service price

It is important that you have a competitive price, especially with the internet making it much harder with a lot more competition. You could sell the best blankets in the world, and customers won’t buy it if it costs $500. It is especially important with Millennials and Generation Z, all who know how to easily access the Internet to find someone else who sells the same thing at a lower price. Though quality is still important to them, price makes a huge impact on whether or not they are going to even try it.

Customer Service

Probably the most important pillar now is customer service. It used to be that price and quality were more important because you were limited to buying local or only at the stores located close to you, but now, customers have the ability to shop all over the world, and with communication through smartphones and social media becoming so popular and easy to use, customer service has become much more important. You need to put a much bigger emphasis on programs that allow for easy customer service interactions, including two-way text marketing. Reaching your customers has never been easier, and you should do everything you can to provide amazing customer service.

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